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E41-W010-1 Flexible LED Light White 64" - with 2 wire termination (non-returnable item)

Roadside LED Supply

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This ultra-low-profile, weather-resistant lamp has a flexible circuit board that can mount where other lights can’t. The strip has a source every 1.5" to minimize shadowing in work areas. Size, brightness and toughness make this an ideal cabinet or work light while numerous color options can provide a decorative touch.

Don’t mistake TecNiq’s E41 for the cheap import look-alikes. While similar in appearance, that’s where the comparison ends. Differences include a UV resistant urethane coating, instead of import epoxy which gradually leach chemicals and snap like candy at low temperatures, a double sided circuit board with heavier copper and redundant conductor paths, plus world-class, high-output LED’s and 3M tape all add up to set this light apart.

The strips can be cut with scissors or a utility knife to any length required for your application. Its miniature size allows for easy installation even in the tightest places. Our e41's tough rubber construction makes this light ideal for applications such as toolboxes, cramped works paces on service-vehicles, or on counter top or kick board lighting in emergency vehicles.

  • Produces 150 lumens per 4.5” section (white)
  • Ultra thin 3/16” strips surface mounts easily in tight spaces
  • High flexibility conforms to irregular surfaces
  • Easily installed with 3M adhesive tape back
  • Reliable performance over 50,000 hours
LEDs: 3 / section
Lumens: 150 / section (white)
Voltage: 9 - 14V DC
Current: 0.41A-0.50A / 6ft blue/green
0.58A-0.70A / 6ft red/amber
0.75A-0.91A / 6ft white
Wire: 9"
Mounting: Mounts with secure 3M tape
LED Colors: White • Blue • Green • Red • Amber • Color Changing RGB